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If you have never borrowed a book from our library I urge you to do so.  Borrowing has diminished in the last year and I suspect this is because it’s all too easy to access information on the internet and get the answer to a particular beekeeping question that way. 

But there’s no substitute for settling down with a book and a cuppa and enjoying a good read.  It’s always surprising what crops up in the pages of our library books which are there for every member to borrow and enjoy.   So, come on members, give it a try.

The books will be at every winter study meeting with recommendations from the speaker for follow-up reading.

During the summer the books will be available at the Apiary Site where there are meetings most Sunday mornings.

If you have a request on a particular topic and would like help in choosing the right book then please contact me and I’ll be happy to help.  If you read one of the books and can particularly recommend it (or otherwise) then please let me have your feedback.

Liz Wallis




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PBKA Library Books January 2018.pdf


Plymouth Branch
“A branch of Devon Beekeepers' Association - Registered Charity No.270675”
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