Plymouth Beekeepers
A branch of Devon Beekeepers' Association - Registered Charity No.270675”


Plymouth Beekeepers' Branch

Committee & Officers



Honorary President                 Bill Finnemore

Chairman                                Terry McAuliffe

Vice Chairman                         Neil Downing-Waite

Secretary                                  Jean French

Treasurer                                  Bernie Talling

Apiary Manager                        Patrick Mansfield

Apiary Assistants                      Allen Blight, Neil Downing-Waite, Claude Pool

Librarian                                    Lizzie Wallis    

Editor                                         Dawn Clarke/ Neil Downing-Waite

Editor Assistant                          Vacant

Education Team                        Jean French, Neil Downing -Waite, Terry & Valerie McAuliffe, Patrick Mansfield, David Milford.

Social Secretary                        Jean & Steve Russell

Honey Show Secretary              Jean & Steve Russell

Microscopists                             Vacant

Spray Liaison Officer               Jo Jones

Plymouth Branch
“A branch of Devon Beekeepers' Association - Registered Charity No.270675”
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